Class, please tell me something about this image.
Katrina Avila: The image shows Annemarie the main character in the book Number the Stars. Annemarie lives in Denmark and during this rough time for the people of Denmark the Nazis are occupying every corner because of the war.

Sara Lopez: The image shows the cover of the book and the main character, Annemarie

Mr. Jaravata:

think this book

On the cover of the book, there is a picture of Annemarie, the main character.

That it is a good book so far. The person on the cover is Annemarie and she lives in Denmark.

Julia H:
This is a book called Number The Stars. The picture on the book is Annemarie.This book takes place in World War 2.The Nattsies stand on every corner on the streets in Denmark.


I love this book!!!! I am excited to read the rest of this book!

GiGi M: Number the Stars is a really good book. Annemarie looks sad on the cover. That is because she was Jewish. Back then they would try to catch the Jews. That was so sad.

Lauren B.:
This image tells me that Number The Stars is a good book. The star in the cover is the star of David and The child on the cover is Annemarie. On the cover she looks really sad and the story takes place in Copenhagen,Denmark.The book also won the Newberry Meddle. It is about the Houlicost and World War ll.

Caitie R.
this is the cover of a book we are reading this is Annemarie who i think is one of the main characters in the book who lives in Denmark this book takes place at about the time of world war 2.

On the cover of this book there is a picture of Annemarie and there is also a picture of the star of David.This book is about the the Holocaust and the Nazi's taking over Denmark.In this book there are two girls Annemarie and Ellen.

Fiona T.:
I think this picture is sad because she is not smiling. It is showing Annemarie.

Virginia N.:
I think that this image is image is is a bad cover for this book because
I think that it makes Annmaire look sad and bland. I think that it is creative
but, I think that the illustrator could do better.

Sally : This is a picture of the cover of Number The Stars, and that girl is Annemarie. She lives in Denmark and the Nazis are occuping there. Her older sister Lise died and she has a little sister named Kirsti. She really does not like that the Nazis are occuping Denmark.

Isabelle T.: I really enjoy this book and it is very interesting.

Lauren T.: I am really glad we are reading this book because I can really make comments about it. :)

Luisa: I like the cover of this book because it shows Annemarie, the main character, and the Star of David necklace, which Jewish people wore.