Vote for the Time for Kids Person of the Year!! Post who you voted for and WHY below.
I voted for the space jump guy( I dont know his name)
He is so brave.
I think taylor swift because she is a very good role model because she writes her own songs like me.
i think felix bumgarner should be person of the year! he's so brave to jump off a ship from so hi in t!he sky!
I think Taylor Swift beacause she helped so many charities and helps raise money.

What do you girls think of this? I would love your opinion below. -Ms. Layton

That's really cool! It's very good information for current events. :)

From Maya Swain

Thats soo cool! I agree with Maya! ~ Isabelle Rena

Hey girls- This is an interesting article about bounce houses. Be careful at House of Air :)

Oh my gosh that is terrifying I will never step foot on a bounce house again!

P.S. I'm so scared now I am going to be over protected about my sister she luvs them! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow that is so many kids that have been injured. I was at a camp once and we took a trip to House of Air. One of the councelers twisted his ankle.
Watch out!
From GiGi Mohr

from Piper
I had a friend who broke his arm
Once, I went to The House of Air and I twisted my ankle
from Fiona
Once at a birthday party the bouncy house started to inflate while I was in it, but I didn't get hurt.
from Phoebe

Wow that is so terrifying i am going to be so scared now!!
This is an artical about a dwarf person undergoing controversial lengthening surgery. By Fiona
Wow this is amazing!! I feel horrible for the other dwarf who was paralyzed:(, but good for Tiffany!!!!!

Wow Tiffany is very tough. That sounds very painful. But that is very cool.

Maya Swaine

wow, that is amazing!! Great for Tiffany!!! - Isabelle REna