Hi Guys I found some interesting things online click on the link to see more!!!!:)

-Isabella G.
BBC - Primary History - World War 2

P.S. There is some really interesting stuff about kids, food, evacuations and more!!!!:)

This was really sad. These people had really hard times. Very insteresante!!
From:Fiona Tang
I Know it is sad but Que Interesante!!:)

-Isabela G.

Cool Site Isabella!!!!!
GiGi Mohr

My family likes to watch the movie Great Escape. It's about the concentration camps and the time of the Nazis.
The movie is really sad but really good

I went to the nazis museum in Washington DC pretty cool and boring.

One time I went to the aircraft museum in Washington D.C. and they had a Nazi aircraft it was awesome!!!!!!

I was going through my old books and I found one by Lois Lowry, it is a little to easy for fifth graders to read but I remember it being very good!
It's called Gooney Bird Greene.

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