Comic Book Rubric:
Create a Comic Book
*Create a comic book displaying at least five major events from the story. Neatly draw and color the scenes. Use many direct quotations from the story to clearly explain the events illustrated on each page of your flip book. For example, one of your scenes/events may be the soldiers coming to the Johansen’s apartment to search for the Rosen family. If you chose this scene, you would draw and color what you think it looked like and also draw word bubbles, writing in them what Annemarie and/or other characters were saying. I should be able to look at the scene you illustrated and know exactly what part of the story it is.

Diorama Rubric:
Create a Diorama
*Create a diorama displaying a scene from the story. Be creative! For example, you may use a shoebox for the base and glue figurines in it. You must describe exactly what the scene is and WHY it is important in the story in at least one paragraph (about 5-10 sentences) and attach it to your diorama.

Sequence of Events Rubric:

Sequence Events
* List 8-10 major events in the book. Illustrate these events on index cards and write a 2-3 sentence summary for each one at the top of the picture. Attach them to a ribbon or string so they hang in sequential order. This is a visual book report!